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Sustain, with its commitment to timeless design and durability, embarked on a transformative journey in 2021, shifting from a specialist in plaster walls to a comprehensive custom home building company. We were entrusted with the pivotal task of consulting on the rebranding and elevating Sustain's online presence to reflect their expanded offerings. Our partnership aimed to seamlessly translate Sustain's ethos of quality, craftsmanship, and client-centric service into a digital format that resonates with their audience.


As Sustain evolved its business model to encompass a wider range of home building and design services, the need for a comprehensive rebranding became evident. Their existing brand and digital footprint no longer represented the breadth and depth of their expanded services, leaving potential clients unaware of the full scope of Sustain's expertise and offerings.


Recognizing the essence of Sustain's mission—creating spaces and items of lasting beauty and functionality—we understood that their digital presence needed to mirror the quality and comprehensive nature of their physical projects. A rebranding strategy that communicated the expanded offerings and reinforced Sustain's position as leaders in custom home building and design was essential for attracting their ideal clientele.


Our collaborative solution encompassed a holistic approach to digital transformation. This began with consulting on Sustain's rebranding to ensure their new identity was compelling and aligned with their mission. We then developed a sophisticated, user-friendly website that showcased their services, craftsmanship, and portfolio of projects. Alongside, we launched a targeted social media marketing campaign to introduce and embed the new brand in the minds of potential clients. To this day, our partnership extends to managing their social media presence, website, SEO, and digital marketing for local events, ensuring Sustain remains at the forefront of the custom home building industry.


Through our ongoing efforts, Sustain's rebranding and digital marketing strategy have not only aligned with their mission of delivering timeless, durable designs but have also significantly enhanced their market position. Our work continues to play a crucial role in drawing in a clientele that values quality, craftsmanship, and sustainable design, proving the relevance and adaptability of digital strategies in the dynamic landscape of home building and interior design. This case exemplifies Fullsphere Digital's ability to foster growth and maintain relevance for our clients, showcasing the power of strategic digital transformation in capturing and expanding a brand's essence.

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